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Men want to look their best too

Women will always out number men when it comes to cosmetic facial procedures. An estimated 1 man comes to the dermatology or plastic surgery office for every 9 women. However, this proportion is changing as more men take their appearance more seriously. In addition to designer shoes and clothes, more and more men are spending time and effort on cosmetic treatments to enhance their facial appearance. This growth in the male aesthetic demand comes from men in all areas of life: young/old, gay/straight, married/single, CEO/intern, etc. Other than hair, male facial cosmetic procedures typically have 3 main focus areas: nose, eyes, and … Continue reading »

A facelift when your neck gives away your age

Most men and women want to look their best for their age. Some may want to look younger, but no one wants to look “old”. We previously discussed the multi-dimensional factors that contribute to facial aging of the eyes and face. Women can do many things to enhance their appearance without plastic surgery, such as makeup on the face, concealer under the eyes, hair dye, etc. Only men, however, can hide an aging neck with their beard. Non-surgical treatments (ex. facial fillers and botulinum toxin) will smooth wrinkles and soften creases in the face. Unfortunately, there isn’t much one can do, short … Continue reading »

Cosmetic surgery education in Las Vegas

In addition to gambling and entertainment, Las Vegas has become a destination center for conferences from around the world. Dr. Chaboki attends a variety of educational conferences around the US to collaborate, teach, and learn about the latest in cosmetic surgery. He works with a variety of plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, and dermatologists from around the world at these educational conferences to discuss what is new or outdated in aesthetic medicine. For example, just before posing for a group photograph, Dr. Whitacker, Dr. Vasyukevich, and Dr. Chaboki discuss their facelift and neck lift techniques. The Vegas Cosmetic Surgery … Continue reading »

Reshape prominent ears with otoplasty surgery

The human ears have a complex development process in-utero. Six different parts of the embryo come together to form the ear. It’s an amazing process that inherently has variability in the final appearance, one of which is prominent or protruding ears. An issue that concerns patients with prominent ears is that the ears draw a disproportionate attention away from the rest of the face, which subsequently may contribute to a decrease quality of life for some. Patients then seek surgery to reshape the ears to pin them back or make the ears smaller, thus decreasing attention from the ears. Otoplasty (i.e. ear reshaping surgery) … Continue reading »

Puffy Lower Eyelids are not always from Fat

As a facial plastic surgeon, I see many men and women who complain of puffy lower eyelids and bags. These patients are coming to the cosmetic surgery office to improve the appearance of their eyes with eyelid surgery or facial fillers (ex. Restylane®). Puffy lower eyelids, however, are not always due to excess fat. As we advise all patients, the lower eyelids are very sensitive to many factors, internal and external, and react accordingly. This puffiness can be due to  edema or swelling of the eyelid tissues. Plastic surgery obviously is not the best approach for swelling. How do I know … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.