Blowing Nose or Sneezing after Rhinoplasty Surgery

A common concern among rhinoplasty patients is when they can blow their nose or sneeze after surgery. Washington DC rhinoplasty patients are advised not to blow their nose after surgery and to try to sneeze with the mouth open. This restriction also applies to septoplasty patients.
Why the restriction? Nose blowing or sneezing can contribute to bruising, swelling, or bleeding. Depending on the force of the sneeze, cartilage or bone might also shift and disrupt your facial plastic surgeon’s work. This restriction is usually for a few weeks after surgery. Once an appropriate amount of healing has occurred, patients may resume sneezing normally. Several weeks after surgery is typically a sufficient waiting time.
Lastly, always following the post-operative instructions of your plastic surgeon and when it’s OK to blow the nose or sneeze.

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