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Recovery after Kybella treatment of neck fat

Non-surgical treatments have increased in popularity in the eyes, cheeks, and lips over the years. Office treatments of Botox® and facial fillers can rejuvenate one's appearance with minimal downtime. The neck, however, has been resistant to change without plastic surgery. Fortunately, a non-surgical treatment now exists to reduce neck fat without surgery. Kybella® is an office …

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Blog post - male facial aesthetics chin implant liposuction

Men want to look their best too

Women will always out number men when it comes to cosmetic facial procedures. An estimated 1 man comes to the dermatology or plastic surgery office for every 9 women. However, this proportion is changing as more men take their appearance more seriously. In addition to designer shoes and clothes, more and more men are spending …

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Blog post - facelift neck lift sagging skin chin implant

A facelift when your neck gives away your age

Most men and women want to look their best for their age. Some may want to look younger, but no one wants to look “old”. We previously discussed the multi-dimensional factors that contribute to facial aging of the eyes and face. Women can do many things to enhance their appearance without plastic surgery, such as makeup …

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