Cheek Augmentation

Strong cheekbones are often considered a sign of beauty. While some people are born with small cheeks, volume loss of both bone and fat also naturally occurs as we age. Flat or underdeveloped cheeks may make other features, such as your nose or jaw, appear more prominent and your eyes appear hollow and sunken. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Houtan Chaboki performs cheek augmentation in Washington, DC, to help people from Arlington and Ashburn, VA; Bethesda and Chevy Chase, MD; and surrounding cities enhance their facial contours.

Dr. Chaboki specializes exclusively in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery. To learn more about cheek augmentation and other procedures to help you look more attractive, request your cosmetic consultation with him online, or call his office at (202) 800-2085.

Cheek Augmentation
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Case: 1 of 9
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Lower Blepharoplasty with fat transfer to rejuvenate the under-eye area in a middle-aged man

The eyes are one of the first areas patients want rejuvenated. Dark circles and under eye bags develop at a relatively early age. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is the method to modify eye skin and fat for a refreshed appearance.This Washington DC eyelid surgery patient disliked the appearance of excess lower eyelid skin and fat. He c... Read More
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Neck liposuction with fat transfer to tighten and sculpt the face and neck of a middle-aged woman

Washington DC facelift candidates often ask plastic surgeons if alternatives exist for a traditional facelift. While nothing yet replaces face lift surgery for its rejuvenating effect, non-surgical options have been developed that can improve one's appearance without the downtime of traditional facial cosmetic surgery. Part of the reason non-... Read More
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Revision facelift, neck lift, fat transfer, chin augmentation in middle aged woman

7 months results with revision facelift and neck lift surgery! Facelift and neck lift surgery is popular in our office. A facelift enhances the face and neck by lifting sagging skin and muscle, in addition to  reducing excess neck fat. Modern facelift surgery commonly includes additional procedures on the chin, cheeks,... Read More
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Face/Neck Lift with silicone chin implant to rejuvenate the appearance of an older woman

Loose skin affects everyone to various degrees. Plastic surgeons typically observe skin laxity and sagging neck skin in patients over fifty. Fat also accumulates under the chin, and facial bones become thinner over time. Each anatomic factor (skin, muscle, fat, bone, etc) plays a different role in each patient to create a double chi... Read More
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Dermal Fillers used to improve the appearance of the under-eye area in a younger woman

Looking fresh and one's best is our approach here at Potomac Plastic Surgery. Subtle, gradual changes that make one appear as if they had a good night's rest or just came back from a  great vacation is one goal in our cosmetic surgery office.Nonsurgical liquid facelift treatments with relaxers and fillers can achiev... Read More
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Facial sculpting to slim and elevate the structure of the face of a younger woman

Nonsurgical treatments in Washington DC continue to increase in facial plastic surgery offices, with liquid facelift treatments such as Botox® Cosmetic and facial fillers as the most popular. Restylane® and Juvederm® are some of several facial fillers that are commonly used to enhance the face. People know that Botox... Read More
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Cheek and chin augmentation to enhance the facial fullness in a younger woman

Full cheeks are in high demand by Washington DC plastic surgery patients, as it's a sign of youthful vigor. While some are born with relatively flatter cheeks, the cheeks naturally flatten with age as gradual bone and fat volume loss occurs.Liquid facelift procedures with facial fillers are often the first choice of... Read More
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Face and Necklift to rejuvenate the appearance and tighten the jawline of a middle aged woman

Busy women and men often seek alternatives to a traditional facelift. A traditional facelift rejuvenates the neck and jawline, but may have longer recovery as compared to a mini lift or S-lift type facelifts. Regardless of facelift type, our Washington, D.C., patients often require additional procedures, such as fat injections, chin implant,... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Cheek Augmentation Options

Cheek augmentation makes the cheek area more prominent, which is considered especially attractive in women. Dr. Chaboki increases facial volume with a customized approach for each person that may include one or a combination of the following options:

  • Cheek implants: These facial implants are made of solid silicone, specifically designed for the mid-facial cheek area, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Cheek implants give Washington, DC, and Silver Spring, MD, patients long-term improvements. This procedure is sometimes considered a “pre-facelift” because it can delay the need for a full facelift.
  • Nonsurgical facelift: Injectable fillers, such as RADIESSE® and Sculptra® Aesthetic, or fat transfer (also called fat injections) can provide temporary cheek augmentation with minimal downtime.
  • Cheek lift: This surgical procedure, also called a mid-facelift, provides lasting improvements. It is normally combined with eyelid surgery or a full facelift.

How Much Does Cheek Augmentation Cost in Washington, DC?

Cheek augmentation is a straightforward procedure, but its cost can vary from patient to patient. These variations are usually related to factors such as the extensiveness of the procedure, where Dr. Chaboki performs the procedure, and the individual cost of the cheek implants themselves, if applicable. We offer you a personalized quote at the end of your consultation. You may also learn more about how we determine the price of each surgery here.

How It’s Performed

The steps of your cheek augmentation procedure depend largely on which approach you choose —implants, injectable products, or a mid-facelift. If you choose injectable fillers, you can anticipate a brief appointment involving several injections, after which you can return to your regular activities immediately.

Complete Your Rejuvenation

  • Chin augmentation: Continue balancing your facial harmony by enhancing your chin and jawline.
  • Fillers & BOTOX®: Injectable treatments can erase lines and wrinkles and add volume to facial hollows.
  • Lip enhancement: Full, plump lips stand out against robust, youthful-looking cheeks.

Cheek implants require time in surgery. They are made of a type of silicone that’s soft yet solid and strong, mimicking the feel of natural bone without the risk of tears. Cheek implants come in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific anatomy and goals.

Dr. Chaboki can perform your cheek augmentation while you are under local anesthesia with sedation or completely asleep with general anesthesia. He typically begins your procedure by making small incisions within your mouth. This placement gives him adequate control during the surgery and comes with the added benefit of not leaving behind a visible scar on your face. He then inserts the implants through the incisions, positioning them so that they augment your cheeks exactly as you’d envisioned. Once he is satisfied with the proportions of your face, he closes the incisions with dissolving sutures.

Houtan Chaboki, MD

Double Board-Certified
Facial Plastic Surgeon

Houtan Chaboki, MD

Certified by both the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Chaboki has extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the face and neck. When you choose him for your procedure, you’re choosing one of the most reputable facial plastic surgeons in DC, as well as a nationwide leader in preservation rhinoplasty.

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Recovery After Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a relatively brief outpatient procedure. Although you may return home the same day, it’s important to have a friend or family member to drive you. Recuperation after cheek augmentation is not unlike that of dental surgery. You’ll need to limit yourself to soft foods for several days, because hard, crunchy, or chewy foods can be difficult to eat.

Most patients take a few days to rest at home while swelling and bruising dissipate. You should also refrain from strenuous exercise for about 2 weeks. Dr. Chaboki will formally clear you for activity during a follow-up appointment.

In the long term, the results of your cheek augmentation can last indefinitely. Dr. Chaboki advises against any significant weight fluctuation, as a major gain or loss could affect your facial contours. It’s also important to keep your skin protected from the sun to ensure it remains resilient and soft.

Cheek Augmentation FAQs 

Can I combine cosmetic cheek augmentation with other facial surgery?

Yes, it’s generally preferred to combine procedures. First, by combining surgery, insurance may cover a portion of the procedure, and you may save money on fees. Secondly, tissue modified from one area may be used for another surgical area, such as fat transfer and face lifting. Lastly, the recovery process following surgery would only be once, and you minimize downtime by avoiding two separate procedures. Commonly combined procedures with cheek augmentation surgery include the following:

When can I resume regular exercise after cheek augmentation surgery?

Strenuous activities or exercise after plastic surgery will increase the risk of bleeding, swelling, and bruising, until an appropriate healing time has been allowed. This restriction during the recovery period varies based on the operation performed and patient’s medical condition. Light activities, such as slow walking, may be performed soon after anesthesia. Heavy activity, such as aerobics, yoga, cycling, running, heavy lifting, or similar vigorous activities are allowed 2 weeks after the procedure. Contact sports are generally allowed 6 weeks after surgery.

Will I need time off work after cheek augmentation?

Most patients should plan at least a few days to a whole week off from work. A longer period of recovery may be necessary for combined procedures.

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