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Improve your neck profile without surgery

Who doesn't want a good looking neck? In addition to purely cosmetic reasons, some studies have shown that higher percentage of C-suite individuals have a defined neck and jawline. Your neck profile matters! Many patients seriously want to improve their neck, but may not by interested in treating other areas of the face. The neck is a very …

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Blog post - make Botox and filler last longer photos

Make your Botox and filler last longer

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as a liquid lift, are popular for a many reasons. These office treatments with Botox® and Restylane® can be performed quickly with minimal, if any, downtime. One downside to non-surgical procedures, as compared to plastic surgery, is that they are not permanent. Depending on the specific treatment and patient, liquid lift procedures should be …

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Blog post - chin implant vs facial filler augmentation photos

Filler vs. Implant for Chin Augmentation

Patients with a weak chin are commonly seen in a facial plastic surgery practice. A wide variety of patients (i.e young/old, male/female) with weak chins are potential candidates for chin augmentation, since chin augmentation not only improves a weak chin, but secondarily may improve the appearance of other facial areas such as the nose and neck. Cosmetic surgery for …

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Blog post - before after facelift photo neck lift cosmetic facial surgery beauty

Greater success and improved health after facial cosmetic surgery?

Washington DC patients have many reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery. Patients should express their specific reasons for having cosmetic surgery to their surgeon, but most hope to appear younger and more rested after facial cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons will perform facelift and eyelid surgery with the goal of an improved appearance. But are there additional potential benefits from …

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