Pre- & Post-Operative Care Instructions

Many details go into successful plastic surgery planning. The details may seem overwhelming and might be easy to forget the small stuff. The following care instructions are meant to promote safe and successful plastic surgery, and that can make life easier before and after your surgery. These care instructions are meant as a guide, and don’t replace circumstances that are specific for you.

The surgical facility or hospital will contact you before the procedure to review the pre-operative instructions. Safety is Dr. Chaboki’s primary concern and your surgery may be delayed or cancelled as needed, if this pre-operative guideline is not followed.

Maximize your cosmetic results after facial plastic surgery by following these basic post-treatment instructions. Your specific instructions will vary depending on the aesthetic procedure performed.

Please contact Dr. Chaboki with any questions.

Call immediately if any of the following occur or if you have any concerns about your recovery.

  • Excessive, bright red bleeding
  • Severe pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Increasing redness or swelling
  • Double vision or foreign-body sensation in eye
  • High-grade fever above 101.5° F / 38.6° C
  • Decreased alertness

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