Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Marilyn Monroe’s Facial Surgery

Celebrity plastic surgery is common and unsurprising nowadays. Many actors get Botox or facial fillers prior to an event, rhinoplasty to reduce a bump or narrow the tip, or a facelift to maintain their youth. However, cosmetic surgery was much less common and a hidden secret years ago in Hollywood.

A recent revelation that beauty icon Marilyn Monroe had facial plastic surgery. She was thought to be a natural beauty, but now publicly available medical records show she had some work done. Her medical records, including X-rays, became publicly available via an upcoming auction in Beverly Hills. The seller is taking the records to the auction block to the highest bidder in November with Julien’s Auctions. Proceeds will be donated to assist U.S. veterans with medical work. See the Reuter’s article.

What did she have done by plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Gurdin?

  • chin augmentation with a bovine (cow) cartilage
  • rhinoplasty for the nasal tip refinement

Rhinoplasty and chin surgery is commonly performed together to create facial balance. A nose is made smaller, and a chin is normally made large to improve proportion. Plastic surgeons no longer use bovine (cow) cartilage for chin augmentation. Facial plastic surgeons now commonly use silicone implants to enhance the chin, which wasn’t standard at Marilyn Monroe’s time.

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  • Carla says:

    I think that she has had upper lid surgery too. Cos her eyes in the beginning of her career were hooded eyes,and after that they weren’t hooded anymore.

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