Computer Simulation in Cosmetic Surgery

I remember reading a survey of cosmetic surgery patients’ opinions regarding computer simulation or imaging during the consultation prior to surgery. The survey confirmed what we’ve seen in our facial plastic surgery office. Patients find great value and education in computer simulation, especially when it’s done live with the plastic surgeon himself/herself. Computer simulation not only helps educate patients regarding plastic surgery, but also stimulates discussion so that the patient and plastic surgeon can develop a surgical plan together.

Now it is relatively easy to simulate plastic surgery on the computer, such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or facelift. Digital imaging software can provide before and after pictures of potential plastic surgery results. Some surgeons simulate surgery with patients in-person, while some plastic surgeons recommend a followup appointment to review computer imaging. There are probable apps or websites too that can simulate cosmetic surgery of your own photographs.

A word of caution though to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. Computer simulation is part of the consultation process, and plastic surgeons will tell you that there is no guarantee. Actual results will always vary from simulated results. Tell me what you think regarding computer simulation and imaging in plastic surgery.

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