Teaching Surgeons techniques in Facial Plastic Surgery

All physicians from all specialties are teachers. We educate our patients on their conditions and treatment options. Many physicians generously pass along their knowledge to other physicians. Did you know that in times past the techniques of plastic surgery were aggressively kept secret from other surgeons? Now plastic surgeons openly share information for the good of all.

As a facial plastic surgeon in Washington DC, I have the opportunity to teach medical students, surgical residents, and attending physicians on a variety of topics related to facial plastic surgery. Visiting the Washington DC cosmetic surgery office you might see students of various levels of training circulating the hallways or shadowing me in the examination room. Don’t worry, as procedures are still performed by me.

Lastly, plastic surgeons never stop learning and advancing plastic surgery techniques. This continuing education takes many forms, such as professional conferences, weekly grand rounds, journal review, or even casual conversation with a trusted colleague. If you’re interested in visiting the office or learn more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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