Facetime Facelift: New or Existing Cosmetic Surgery Technique?

Facetime facelift is a relatively new term that refers to the increased awareness of one’s own sagging skin and excess neck fat when video conferencing. We’re all seeing ourselves more often on photos and video, which brings more attention to natural wrinkles and aging. In addition during video conferencing (laptop, phone, etc), one tends to tilt the chin downward which worsens the appearance of the neck.

Is a facetime facelift any different from other facelift methods? Not really. It’s only a term that refers to one’s increased awareness of an aging neck or double chin. Other facelift terms have been thrown around to help market a plastic surgeon’s services, but all are essentially marketing terms, such lunchtime, liquid, life style, vampire, quick, mini, s lift, suture, stem cell, non-surgical, etc. More terms will likely come with time.

A cosmetic face lift is not one operation, but many potential operations that generally treat the lower face and neck. There isn’t a best face lift or neck lift for all aesthetic patients. Variations exist for the amount of skin, fat, and muscle that is modified based on the patient’s individual needs and plastic surgeon’s general approach. All surgical facelifts typically require an incision around the ear, tightening of underlying fat (ie. SMAS), and removal of excess skin. Complimentary procedures such as facial fat injection, eyelid surgery, or brow lift may be performed at the same time.

Patients who have more skin laxity, jowling, sagging, loose skin, or neck fat will generally require more surgery than a someone who does not have such facial aging, in order to achieve the desired cosmetic results. Older patients will also usually require more surgery as compared to younger patients. Optimal patients for a shorter scar facelift (mini lifts, s-lifts, etc) are typically younger with fewer signs of facial aging. However, each patient is unique and an appropriate face lift surgery can only be determined by a comprehensive evaluation by a cosmetic surgeon. Some patients might even avoid a facelift or neck lift surgery by undergoing neck liposuction or a chin implant.

One should choose a plastic surgeon rather than a facelift type. Keep in mind, many companies or plastic surgeons may market face lifts by different names, which only confuses patients. Speak to a facial plastic surgeon to determine which facelift is right for you.

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