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The Photo Gallery: Before and After Photographs in Cosmetic Surgery

The photo gallery of any cosmetic surgery’s practice website is the most popular area. Seeing before and after cosmetic surgery photographs is popular for a variety of reasons. Prospective patients want to see potential results with their eyelid or facelift surgery. Washington DC patients enjoy seeing others with rejuvenated necks and eyes and anticipate their own improvements with cosmetic procedures. Plastic Surgery Photo Gallery However, photographs alone could be an unreliable guide for considering surgery and should be taken with a grain of salt. Photos in our website are of actual patients who have been treated by us, but each patient is unique and … Continue reading »

Neck lift vs. Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

Traditionally, many often think that a surgical facelift is required to significantly improve one’s appearance. Office injections with Botox® and facial fillers can achieve temporary changes as part of a liquid facelift or nonsurgical facelift, but cosmetic surgery is required for a long-lasting and dramatic improvement. More importantly, patients with significant skin laxity need cosmetic surgery to reduce excess skin, as nonsurgical treatments tend be suboptimal. Plastic surgeons refer to a facelift and neck lift as surgical procedures of the lower face and neck. Confusion may arise between these two cosmetic procedures as they both cover similar areas and can have significant improvements to saggy … Continue reading »

Reshaping the Nasal Bone in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a truly specific operation tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Some may want to improve the front view or side view. Some want to improve the bridge, while others focus on the tip. Many prefer subtle changes, while some want a completely new nose. One possible component of a rhinoplasty operation is reshaping of the nasal bones. The technical term plastic surgeons use is osteotomy. Nasal bone modification is not required in all rhinoplasty patients. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will help determine if osteotomy may be required for your particular nasal surgery. Methods of Bone Reshaping For those who … Continue reading »

Improve the Lower Eyelid and Cheek junction with surgery or filler

The lower eyelid and cheek junction is a commonly treated area by plastic surgeons. This region of the face can start to show the signs of aging before others do. Patients may complain of lower eyelid bags, dark circles, and flat cheeks. Many terms are used to describe this region of the face, including the tear trough, infraorbital rim, and mid face. For patients, this area can improved with a variety of aesthetic treatments. The lid-cheek junction is a critical area of aesthetic rejuvenation treated by facial plastic surgeons. – Houtan Chaboki, MD Lower Eyelid and Cheek junction The lower … Continue reading »

Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Ready for summer? Now is a good time to remember to protect your skin before heading to the beach. These health maintenance and skin cancer prevention tips are really for the entire year, but more important during high sun exposure periods. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US, and one of the cancers that can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Many skin cancers don’t just occur in the elderly, but rather in young adults due to prolonged UV radiation exposure. Sunburns and tanning beds are just terrible for the skin! Being the most exposed … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.