8 Things to Know before Eyelid Surgery

8 Things to Know before Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) is a common request among Washington DC plastic surgery patients. Wrinkled skin, dark circles, eye bags, or simply a “tired appearance” can be improved with cosmetic eye surgery. Eyelid surgery can make the eyes appear more open and rested.

Consider the following below as you’re researching the top plastic surgeons before undergoing eyelid surgery.

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Sagging eyelids may be hereditary

One’s appearance is not just from getting older. Lower eyelid bags, a droopy brow, and excess eyelid skin may be hereditary in some patients. While eyelid surgery is more common in patients over 40 due to natural aging, cosmetic eyelid surgery is also offered in younger patients as appropriate.

Your surgeon may recommend non-surgical options for your eyes

While excess skin and fat are typically treated with cosmetic surgery, non-surgical options are also considered in appropriate patients. The best plastic surgeons often also do injections and non-surgical treatments. Botox® injections on the sides of the eyes and between the eyebrows can help reduce wrinkles and relax your appearance. Botox can help also relieve a resting angry face.

Liquid lift procedures of the lower eyelid area can also alleviate the dark circles and eye bags. Facial fillers, such as Restylane® and Belotero®, provide results that last several months and minimal down time. Read more about liquid lift for the eyes on our website.

Brow lift may considered as part of eyelid rejuvenation

The upper eyelid, forehead, and brow are considered together when evaluating the upper facial area for cosmetic surgery. The brow naturally descends with age, creating a crowded or angry appearance. A brow lift helps open up the eyes and may be suggested by your plastic surgeon as part of eyelid rejuvenation surgery. Read more about brow lift vs. blepharoplasty in our blog.

Eyelid surgery results should be natural

All plastic surgery patients want natural results. The best plastic surgeons try to make their patients look themselves without necessarily looking “different”. Natural results appear refreshed and rejuvenated. Your plastic surgeon may suggest more conservative modification and less dramatic changes, as appropriate, to help achieve desired goals.

A little anxiety is normal and expected

It’s normal to be somewhat nervous prior to any cosmetic procedure, whether it’s non-surgical office treatments or cosmetic surgery. Preparation before surgery by reviewing pre/post care instructions and speaking with your plastic surgeon can help alleviate fears.

Makeup, brow grooming, and contact lenses should be avoided

Plastic surgeons will recommend avoiding makeup, brow grooming, and contact lenses for the first couple weeks or so after surgery. Swelling may resolve faster, and there is less risk of infection if one follows their plastic surgeon’s care instructions. Glasses can help camouflage some of the swelling in this initial recovery period, as well as being better for the eyes.

Results are not immediate

Results after plastic surgery are better appreciated once swelling resolves. Patience is key. Much of the healing occurs after several weeks. However, “full” results typically take at least six months and longer.

Liquid lift procedures may be necessary to fine-tune or maintain results after surgery

Plastic surgery is “permanent”, but one continues to age with time. In addition, eyelid surgery can safely modify tissue (skin, muscle, fat), but fine-tuning results sometimes requires office treatments. For example, Botox injections will often still be required in the crow’s feet area (sides of the eyes) despite eyelid surgery.

These are just some of the things to consider before blepharoplasty. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon regarding any concerns you may have. Share your thoughts below.

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