The Power of Prejuvenation in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Blog post - prejuvenation prevention face wrinkle aging Botox filler skin care
Blog post - prejuvenation prevention face wrinkle aging Botox filler skin care

Young patient who uses a combination of Botox and facial filler injections.

What if you could have stopped a wrinkle before it developed?

According to the 2016 member survey from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), men and women are trying to preserve their youth via “prejuvenation”. This new, buzz word refers to starting non-surgical cosmetic treatments (i.e. Botox®, facial fillers, and advanced skin care) at an earlier age to minimize the effect of aging.

Rather than waiting to correct wrinkles with plastic surgery, patients are seeking plastic surgeons and dermatologist at a younger age to help prevent wrinkles. The theory is to slow down the clock of aging. By modifying collagen synthesis and the facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles, plastic surgeons hope to minimize wrinkle formation. We looked at prevention with Botox in a previous blog post.

Prejuvenation in this younger patient population starts with basic skin care, then upgrades to advanced skincare (ex. tretinoin), sun prevention, and using facial injectables. Over half (56 percent) of facial plastic surgeons in the survey saw an increase in non-surgical treatments with patients under age 30.

“The focus has shifted from correction to prevention. Even before the first signs of sagging, lines or volume loss, we are seeing patients adamant about stalling the aging process,” Dr. Fred Fedok, 2016-2017 president of AAFPRS.

The AAFPRS member survey also continued to show that combination therapies are still very popular. In 2016, 66 percent of facial plastic surgeons reported combined non-surgical procedures in the same patient as the top trend in their practice. We reported combination cosmetic procedures in a previous blog post.

Have you considered preventative cosmetic enhancement of the face? Share your thoughts below.

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