Greater success and improved health after facial cosmetic surgery?

Blog post - before after facelift photo neck lift cosmetic facial surgery beauty
Blog post - before after facelift photo neck lift cosmetic facial surgery beauty

Before and after cosmetic facial surgery with a facelift, neck lift, liposuction.

Washington DC patients have many reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery. Patients should express their specific reasons for having cosmetic surgery to their surgeon, but most hope to appear younger and more rested after facial cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons will perform facelift and eyelid surgery with the goal of an improved appearance.

But are there additional potential benefits from cosmetic surgery? Can one achieve greater success or improved health with facial cosmetic surgery?

There is some recent research to suggest that at least those who have had cosmetic surgery appear to be more successful and in better health, whether or not they actually achieved these benefits.

Attractiveness on success and health

Previous research has shown that attractiveness influences both success and health. Both men and women of all ages and in all areas of life, attractive people are generally judged more favorably and treated better. Those who are more attractive generally receive preferential treatment in a variety of instances, while less attractive individuals might experience a social penalty. This preferential treatment can thus possibly affect success.

The health link to attractiveness is based on evolutionary psychology. The idea is that the face is an important indicator of health, genes, and even character of an individual. The genes involved in creating a beautiful face also contribute to strong organ function. This physical attractiveness is an indicator of a potential good mate to then prolong one’s genes.

Facial plastic surgery research

In 2017, researchers from Johns Hopkins University used an online survey showing random before or after photographs of those who may have had cosmetic surgery of the face, including facelift, eyelid surgery, and/or brow lift. The observers were not told what procedures were performed, or whether surgery was performed. The photographs were primarily white women and not representative of the general population. Postop cosmetic surgery had a range of outcomes, and not just the best or the most significant difference. Photograph results were just of cosmetic surgery, not Botox®, facial filler injections (ex. Restylane®), liquid facelift, laser treatments, etc.

Over 500 observers participated in this survey who viewed these photographs and rated the perceived age, attractiveness, success, and health. The study results suggest that those who have facial cosmetic surgery are perceived as younger, more attractive, more successful, and healthier by the casual observer after undergoing facelift and upper facial rejuvenation surgery.

Read the full research article here.

Don’t expect cosmetic surgery to lead to greater success or better health

Facial rejuvenation surgery have may an even larger benefit than simply restoring a more youthful appearance. However, one should not have the expectation that cosmetic surgery will lead to greater success or better health.

The best plastic surgeon’s don’t normally suggest that cosmetic surgery will lead to success or better health. However, this research suggest that it’s possible that others may perceive those who may become more attractive as a result of cosmetic surgery might also be thought of as being more successful and having better health.

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