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Augmenting the Root of the Nose to Improve Profile in Rhinoplasty

One of the most common request among rhinoplasty patients is to improve the profile. Often a bump is reduced to improve the side profile. However, building or augmenting the root of the nose, also referred to as the radix, is performed in some rhinoplasty procedures as part of improving the side profile. While some patients just want a smaller nose, the nose should become “bigger” in certain cases in order to achieve natural results and to maintain normal nasal function. The goal of rhinoplasty is not necessarily to make a nose smaller, but rather more proportional and draw less attention. – Houtan … Continue reading »

April 2017 Newsletter

Spring is here, and it’s time to put those turtle necks back in the closet! Our patients’ neck concerns are varied, and we’ve worked hard to only offer treatments that have proven to be safe and effective. You can count on a service that treats your precise concerns and integrates easily into your lifestyle. We offer 3 great options for defining and improving your neck: KYBELLA®: This minimally invasive option is actually a series of injections intended to reduce the look of a double chin. The active ingredient in KYBELLA dissolves fat beneath the skin and creates a smooth, attractive, … Continue reading »

5 Facial Plastic Surgery procedures to Avoid

Facial plastic surgery can restore and enhance your appearance and is generally considered safe and effective when performed by a board-certified surgeon on healthy patients with realistic expectations. However, not every aesthetic procedure is considered appropriate. Many factors goes into the decision in performing cosmetic surgery by plastic surgeons. Safety is the primary factor, but recovery and effectiveness are also considered. Lastly, plastic surgeons and their patients want the results to be natural. Some reasons to avoid facial plastic surgery may include higher risk of complications, unnatural results, or simply not worth the time and financial investment. Below are some facial procedures to avoid. … Continue reading »

Sculpting the Face with Buccal Fat Reduction

Chubby cheeks are a sign of childhood and youthfulness. For children, chubby cheeks are appropriate and cute. Adults, however, with chubby or round cheeks may complain of appearing too young, too fat, or having a “baby face”. Excess cheek fat (buccal fat) contributes to this chubby appearance of the middle and/or lower face. Patients are born with this excess buccal fat, which doesn’t typically respond to a healthy diet or exercise. We’ve reviewed buccal fat reduction in previous blog post. This cheek fat reduction procedure typically takes takes less than an hour and has quick recovery. Small incisions are placed inside the … Continue reading »

Lip Implant vs. Facial Fillers for Lip Enhancement

Lips with appropriate volume and definition are a universal sign of youth and beauty across nations and cultures. As a result, cosmetic enhancement of the lips and area around the mouth is very popular. Hyaluronic acid gels are available to plump the lips in every plastic surgeon’s office, which include Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Belotero®. Gradually dissolving over time, these fillers offer results that last several months. Some, however, are looking for more permanent lip augmentation and consider a lip implant over filler. Lip implant A lip implant procedure is performed via local anesthesia. The lip implant can be made of a variety … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.