“Why do you look angry?” : Botox® Cosmetic to soften an angry appearance

Botox frown angry lines eyebrow relax wrinkle

Botox frown angry lines eyebrow relax wrinkle

“I always look angry, when I’m not” is a common statement among my Botox® Cosmetic patients. Sometimes it’s their children, who say whatever comes to their mind, or friends and co-workers. These patients may have a frown even when they felt happy.

A frown or angry appearance is partially due to contraction of the muscles in-between the eyebrows. The eyebrows are drawn closer together by the muscles in this area, the corrugator supercilii and procerus. For some patients, these muscles may always be active or contracting, regardless of their emotional state. This chronic muscle tension narrows the distance between the eyebrows and makes some patients appear angry, when they may not be.

Botox® Cosmetic more often thought by the general public to improve wrinkles, which it does. For example, the horizontal wrinkles in the forehead can become much smoother with Botox®. However, it may also improve your appearance by softening this angry appearance from chronic muscle tension. Botox® works by relaxing treated muscles, whether it’s the forehead, eyebrow, or eyes muscles. By treating the frown muscles in-between the eyebrows, Botox® not only softens the wrinkles but also “opens” the eyebrow for a relaxed appearance. Even subtle increases in the distance between the eyebrows make people appear more relaxed and youthful.

Wrinkles relaxers, such as Botox®,  can help reshape the face, not just improve wrinkles. – Houtan Chaboki, MD

Nowadays, there are other wrinkles relaxers similar to Botox® that can achieve the same results, such as Dysport® and Xeomin®. All of the wrinkles relaxers are very comparable, but patients may have their own favorite for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. In future posts, we’ll review other methods that Botox® and similar wrinkle relaxers can sculpt the face.

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