What else can Botox do in the plastic surgery office?

Blog post - before after Botox jaw reduction face neck
Blog post - before after Botox jaw reduction face neck

Before and after photograph of Botox jaw reduction to improve face and jawline.

Many are aware of Botox® for its cosmetic benefit to reduce wrinkles around the around the eyes. Years ago, Botox received FDA approval to improve the look of moderate to severe line between eyebrows or sides of the eyes (i.e Crow’s feet). However, plastic surgeons have been safely using Botox and other wrinkles relaxers (Dysport® and Xeomin®) beyond these wrinkles for a variety of cosmetic uses. Liquid facelift or non-surgical facelift procedures have expanded the versatility of wrinkle relaxers. It’s not just for wrinkles around eyes and forehead.

Wrinkle relaxers, as with many treatments, are usually FDA approved within the US for specific use in a particular area. “On-label” means using a drug or device in the specific manner as approved by the FDA. When a plastic surgeon or dermatologist perform non-surgical facial treatments as “off-label”, they are using the drug or device in a different manner. Physicians use their professional opinion and experience in a safe manner to help a patient achieve their desired aesthetic result. Some of these aesthetic treatments below, in addition to Botox injections of the forehead, are all off-label, which we discussed in more detail in a prior blog post.

Brow lift

The brow naturally falls with age, while some may have low eyebrows from an early age. Men’s eyebrows are relatively lower and flatter, as compared to the more elevated or arched eyebrows of women. Lastly, eyebrows that are too close together may give the appearance of being worried, anxious, or angry.

We’ve previously discussed a “Botox brow lift“, but any wrinkle relaxer can be used to help lift the brow. Wrinkle relaxers may be applied in such a way that the muscles pulling the brow down are relaxed relative to the muscle pulling it up. Via your plastic surgeon’s techniques, an eyebrow may be then lifted and/or wrinkles relaxed. A non-surgical brow lift is not a replacement, however, for those who may be better candidates for a surgical brow lift procedure.

Nefertiti lift of the neck

Many Washingtonians want a defined jawline. A Nefertiti lift uses wrinkle relaxers such as Botox to relax the neck muscle that pulls down the neck and chin, allowing the facial muscles to lift the neck tissue. For those with horizontal neck creases, Botox can also soften the wrinkles and smooth the skin. In addition, vertical bands of the neck can be temporarily also treated with wrinkle relaxers. A non-surgical neck lift with Botox is not a replacement for those who are better candidates for a surgical neck lift or facelift.

Facial sculpting and jaw reduction

Wrinkle relaxers not only can soften wrinkles and indirectly lift the skin, but it can help shape and sculpt the face. The most common treatment for facial sculpting is jaw reduction with Botox. Some patients may complain of a “fat” face, but instead may have excessively strong or wide jaw muscles. Botox injections along the jawline by a plastic surgeon can thin the face for a more defined appearance. Read more about this Botox facial sculpting procedure in our prior blog post.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is considered a surgical procedure. However, non-surgical rhinoplasty with wrinkle relaxers can temporarily improve bunny lines, improve a droopy tip, and reduce alar flare or widening of the nostrils when smiling. Patients with very active muscles around the nose may also have a gummy smile that can improve with these injections. We’ve discussed non-surgical rhinoplasty in a previous blog post.

The above procedures are just some of the other things that Botox and similar wrinkle relaxers can achieve. Other off-label cosmetic uses of these wrinkle relaxers that a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can treat include:

  • soften smoker’s lines or lipstick lines
  • lift the corners of the mouth
  • smooth skin dimples of the chin, peau d’orange
  • relax banana rolls of lower eyelid from bunching up eyelid muscle that may contribute to “puffy eyelid”
  • enhance hair growth
  • shrink large salivary glands, in the neck or sides of the head

Have you considered cosmetic facial procedures with non-surgical treatments such as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin? The best plastic surgeons use these wrinkle relaxers to help improve one’s appearance in a variety of ways. Share your questions and thoughts below.

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