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Appropriately shaped, arched, or elevated eyebrows are sought after by many patients seeking to enhance their appearance. The numerous stand alone eyebrow threading and waxing businesses speak to the popularity of having good looking eyebrows. However, a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office may be required to alter the position or shape of the eyebrow.

Wrinkle relaxers (i.e. Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin®) can be used to alter the shape and/or position of the eyebrows, not just smooth the skin. – Houtan Chaboki, MD

The eyebrow naturally falls and droops with age, with the sides of the brow being most affected. Some patients have low eyebrows from a very young age. Men’s eyebrows should be relatively lower and flatter, as compared to the more elevated or arched eyebrows of women. Eyebrows that are too close together in the center also give the appearance of being worried, anxious, or angry. We previously discussed improving this angry appearance by relaxing the brow with Botox.

How does a plastic surgeon lift the eyebrow?

Plastic surgery and/or Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin) injections are used to modify the eyebrow appearance. However, for those patients who aren’t ready for a surgical brow lift, a “Botox brow lift” may be appropriate for temporary aesthetic improvements.

How does Botox brow lift work?

Several facial muscles pull the eyebrow down, countered by only one facial muscle pulling the brow up. Botox temporarily relaxes facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles. Botox can be applied in such a way that the muscles pulling the brow down are relaxed relative to the muscle pulling it up. Through your plastic surgeon’s techniques, an eyebrow may be then lifted and/or wrinkles relaxed.

There isn’t only one type of Botox treatment; plastic surgeons tailor the treatment based on the patient’s facial anatomy, degree of aging, and patient’s preference. The pictures above demonstrate before and after results where Botox was used around the eyebrow to help smooth wrinkles and lift the brow.

The results with a Botox brow lift may be more subtle as compared to brow lift surgery, but recovery is very easy. Botox brow lift recovery is similar to routine Botox injections, with patients returning to daily activity immediately. Results with Botox injections develop gradually over several days and last on average about three months.

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