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How To Reduce Swelling After a Facelift & Other Facial Plastic Surgery

Swelling after cosmetic surgery and many nonsurgical aesthetic treatments is expected. Plastic surgery swelling usually resolves within a few hours to a few weeks or longer, mostly depending on the procedure performed. Tips for Reducing Swelling Cosmetic surgery patients may help reduce post-treatment swelling via a variety of methods. I've already talked about rhinoplasty swelling …

Potomac Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Patient Video Testimonials

Patients seen at Potomac Plastic Surgery share their cosmetic surgery experience. Liquid Rhinoplasty Patient shares her liquid rhinoplasty experience. She loves her quick recovery and natural results! Rhinoplasty Patient testimonial about her cosmetic nose surgery experience with Dr. Chaboki of Potomac Plastic Surgery. She reviews her closed, preservation rhinoplasty procedure to improve the profile and …