Deep Plane Facelift and SMAS Facelift: What’s the Difference

facelift neck lift liposuction smas deep plane

Here at Potomac Plastic Surgery, we know that every patient is a complete and well-rounded individual with specific needs, goals, and desires moving along their aesthetic journey. Every person who walks into our office is treated as such. We know your aspirations are unique to you and approach your treatment plan as such.

Because of this, we get a lot of questions regarding various methods for facelift surgery. Our patients often come in after extensive research online which brings up a plethora of terminology all having to do with rejuvenation. Two terms that we get a lot include “deep plane facelift” and “SMAS facelift”. Many wonder what the differences are and if these are the only ways to achieve a lift.

While these are definitely two valid approaches to facial revitalization, Dr. Chaboki prefers to take every person on a case by case basis. Not all people are a good candidate for SMAS lift or deep plane facelift. Some are not candidates for any facelift type surgery and may be better candidates for other procedures, such as chin enhancement and liposuction.

The primary difference between these two approaches to facelift surgery is that one gets under an entire muscle layer (ie. the SMAS) up during the lift, the deep plane lift, while the SMAS lift tightens this muscle level without going too deep. Both methods typically involve incisions around the ear and skin tightening to gain enough of an impact. Some patients are not a good candidates for the skin tightening as it can produce an unnatural effect. Both methods also lift the neck and improve the jawline.

Dr. Chaboki evaluates all of the different factors that go into a patient’s end result. A SMAS facelift is a good route to take if the patient prefers to be minimally invasive whereas a deep plane lift is more invasive but also has the added benefit of addressing deeper structural issues.

facelift neck lift liposuction smas deep plane

Facelift and neck lift by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chaboki of Potomac Plastic Surgery DC

Both a deep plane facelift and a SMAS lift don’t address all the aspects of facial aging. Dr. Chaboki will review supplemental procedures with a facelift such as facial fat transfer, chin and neck liposuction, and a skin peel. Facelift surgery also does not specifically address the eyes or brow.

Dr. Chaboki’s approach is to develop a procedure plan that is specifically tailored to each person who walks into our office. This might include a mixture of the techniques that he has had over a decade to hone. Our goal at Potomac Plastic Surgery is to make you look like a brighter, livelier and all around refreshed version of yourself! This includes going through every possible route thoroughly and giving patients appropriate options to suit their needs, whether those needs are met via surgical procedures, nonsurgical alternatives, one facelift technique or another. All the best avenues are explored and tailored to your particular case!

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