Deep Neck Lift Surgery

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Deep neck lift surgery is a popular procedure in our Washington DC office for patients who complain of a double chin. A deep neck lift is a relatively new term for plastic surgery that has been performed for several years with other names.


Most consider a double chin due to excess neck fat. However, fat is not the only factor. Beyond neck fat that can be treated with liposuction, superficial and deep structures of the neck contribute to a double chin. A key part of deep neck lift surgery is to address the deeper structures as appropriate.



The neck consists of several layers. Skin, fat, muscle, glands, and bone comprise these different layers and contribute to the appearance of a double chin or weak chin to varying degrees. Some patients may have a muscle or superficial fat issue, while others may have a deep fat or gland factors that contribute to a double chin. Others may have a weak chin from a chin bone issue. Various combinations of these layers factor into each person’s appearance.


Some individual procedures in deep neck lift surgery can be done in isolation (ex., just bone component or superficial fat), but many of our patients usually combine procedures for an enhanced effect.


Deep Neck Lift Surgery

Deep neck lift surgery involves an incision hidden under the chin to access both superficial and deep structures. The incision varies in length and patient typically don’t notice any scar.

Deep neck lift surgery scar

Early scar healing after deep neck surgery in young woman.

First, superficial fat is addressed. Superficial fat can be reduced with neck liposuction. Liposuction can also tighten the overlying skin over time to varying degrees. Additional small incisions are placed behind each earlobe to contour the jawline with liposuction. For many patients, liposuction of the superficial fat is all that is needed.

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Deep neck lift with liposuction and chin implant in young woman by Dr. Chaboki of Potomac Plastic Surgery

Next, deeper fat is reduced. This deep fat is not removed with liposuction. Rather, deep fat must be directly removed with excision. Hence, the chin incision is longer as compared to liposuction alone as plastic surgeons need to visualize the fat. Most of the deep fat that plastic surgeons remove is located in the central portion of the neck, under the chin.

Next, deep neck muscles and glands may be modified. Some plastic surgeon tighten the digastric muscles together in the midline, which helps lift the neck. Next, salivary glands under the jaw are reduced. These glands are removed or reduced in size depending on anatomy and surgeon’s preference. Next, the deep neck muscle called the platysma is tightened in the middle to further improve the neck profile and contour.

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Deep neck lift with facelift, liposuction, and chin implant by Dr. Chaboki. Several anatomic layers were modified to contour the neck.

Lastly, chin bone augmentation occurs with a silicone implant. Facial bone is lost with age and may contribute to a weak chin. Patients who benefit from chin implant have small chin bone in youth that gets smaller with age.


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