Swelling & Edema after Cosmetic Surgery of the Face & Neck

Potomac Plastic Surgery

Swelling after cosmetic surgery is expected, even when non-surgical (Botox Cosmetic) office treatments are performed. Plastic surgery swelling usually resolves within a few hours to a few weeks or longer, mostly dependant on the procedure performed.

Cosmetic surgery patients may help reduce post-treatment swelling via a variety of methods. I’ve already talked about rhinoplasty swelling in a previous post. Many of those guidelines apply to other facial surgery, such as face lift, for my Maryland and northern Virginia patients. Other potential helpful factors which may help with postop cosmetic surgery swelling include the following

  • reduce salt intake
  • reduce ingesting processed foods and focus on fresh fruits & vegetables
  • reduce spicy foods
  • oral diuretic to help urinate excess salt, only for a brief duration
  • steroid injection or pills
  • hyaluronidase
  • facial massage or gentile compression dressing to the area

Lastly, swelling or edema in the face may be due to allergies, thyroid condition, medication side-effect, or other medical conditions. Speak to your plastic surgeon to help determine methods to help reduce facial swelling that is appropriate for you.

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