Facial Feminization Plastic Surgery

Blog post - before after photos nonsurgical jaw reduction masseter transgender gender dysphoria jawline
Blog post - before after photos nonsurgical jaw reduction masseter transgender gender dysphoria jawline

Before and after nonsurgical jaw reduction with relaxer injections by Dr. Chaboki. Jaw reduction is performed for many reasons and is one of many possible facial feminization procedures.

Facial feminization is a group of cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures that modify features from typically male to more female. Facial feminization is not necessarily a single procedure, but rather may involve various procedures on skin, fat, muscle, and bone as appropriate. Each person is unique and plastic surgeons tailor procedures based on multiple factors.

Generally, feminine facial features include more open eyes, rounder cheeks, fuller lips, smaller nose, and smaller jawline. Cosmetic treatments focus on different aspects of the face to achieve feminization appropriate for each individual.

Looking one’s best is a goal with any plastic surgery. Reducing gender dysphoria and helping to integrate socially as women is another goal with facial feminization. In addition, some individuals may identify as gender fluid and want to reduce overly masculine facial features.

“Feminization of one’s appearance may require surgical and/or nonsurgical treatments of multiple areas of the face. Feminization is tailored to the individual based on multiple factors.”

– Houtan Chaboki, MD

Facial feminization of the Upper Face and Eyes

Upper face procedure include hairline modification, eyelid surgery, forehead smoothing, and brow lift type procedures.

Hairline Advancement: This surgery lowers the hairline, reduce the vertical height of the forehead, and reduces the normal male temple recession to give a more rounded female hairline, instead of the more “M” border male hairline.

Forehead Reduction: Forehead and brow ridge bone contouring is another common facial feminization procedure. Bone is reduced from the brow bone above the eyes. Fillers may also be injected around the bone to soften its appearance too.

Brow Lift: A surgical brow lift is often combines with hairline advancement and/or forehead reduction as part of facial feminization surgery. A female brow is usually higher relative to a male brow.

Upper eyelid surgery: Skin removal of the upper eyes creates more eyelid “show”, which is more feminine. In addition, upper eyelid surgery allows makeup to be more easily applied to the eyes which promotes a more feminine appearance.

Facial feminization of the Nose

Rhinoplasty: A smaller, thinner, and slightly “scooped” profile with projected and narrow tip are frequent goals of feminization of the nose. All of these nasal features are more prevalent in a more feminine nose as compared to a masculine nose. Male noses are generally bigger, wider, and have a slight bump.

Facial feminization of the Cheeks

Cheek augmentation: Feminization requires cheeks that are fuller and rounder. Cheek enhancement may have been achieved via facial fillers, fat injections, or implants. Silicone cheek implants provide a permanent three dimensional enhancement to the cheeks.

Facial feminization of the Lips

Lip enhancement: Fuller lips are achieved primarily with facial filler injections. Read more about “lipstick in a syringe” for beautiful lips.

Upper Lip Lift: An upper lip lift, also referred to as subnasal lip lift, shortens the vertical distance of the upper lip. Lip lift is minor surgery which can be performed via awake, local anesthesia.

Facial feminization of the Jaw and Neck

Jaw reduction: Jaw reduction can be surgical or nonsurgical. Injections of relaxers can reduce a large or wide masseter muscle to slim the jawline. Large lower jaw muscles are considered more masculine. Relaxers slim the face gradually over time for nonsurgical jaw reduction.

Bone reduction of the jaw angle and chin areas may be necessary for a more feminine appearance. Plastic surgery of the lower jaw to reduce bone and muscle create a more oval or heart-shaped appearance, which is more feminine.

Thyroid Cartilage Reduction, Adam’s Apple Reduction: Cartilage reduction of the Adam’s apple may be necessary to feminize the neck. Plastic surgeons may add a neck lift or neck liposuction at the same time to reduce a double chin.

Other Facial Feminization

Hair and makeup. Without a doubt, hair and makeup play a large role to enhance one’s feminine beauty. Facial plastic surgery alone may not be sufficient for to achieve a desired appearance. Professional hair and makeup can help further enhance one’s appearance.

All patients don’t necessary require all of these procedures, or all of these procedures at the same time. The best plastic surgeons tailor the cosmetic surgery based on several factors, including your specific facial anatomy and personal desires.

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