How Can BOTOX® Reduce a Square Jaw?

Blog post - before after photos Botox jaw reduction facial sculpting masseter muscle Dysport
Blog post - before after photos Botox jaw reduction facial sculpting masseter muscle Dysport

Before and after facial sculpting with Botox, nonsurgical jaw reduction by Dr. Chaboki. This patient also had other liquid facelift procedures including Juvederm lip enhancement and cheek augmentation.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is known to improve wrinkles of the forehead and eyes, but it has many other cosmetic uses. Because it so effectively relaxes muscles, BOTOX can also sculpt the face and slim the jawline. For patients who may think their face is “too fat,” liposuction might not be the answer. A better option may be facial sculpting with BOTOX for jaw reduction in my Washington, DC office.

Both BOTOX and Dysport may be used to treat the face and neck for cosmetic purposes. These 2 treatments act similarly to relax muscles and improve appearance. Some physicians or patients may have a preference for one over the other.

What is the masseter muscle?

The masseter muscle is a large muscle on the side of the face. This muscle attaches the lower jaw bone to the upper jaw bone by the cheek area. One can feel the activity of this muscle while chewing or clenching the jaw. Teeth grinding, TMJ, or excess gum chewing can make this lower jaw muscle large, similar to any other muscle that gets “worked out” regularly. Some may also complain of jaw pain or headaches, which may be associated with TMJ. The masseter muscle may be naturally larger in some patients too, without necessarily excess tension.

Blog post - before after photos Botox jaw reduction facial sculpting masseter muscle Dysport

Masseter muscle extends from the lower jaw bone to the upper cheek bone. BOTOX or Dysport may be used to relax and sculpt this muscle in appropriate patients.

Women may complain of appearing masculine if their jaws are wide or strong. Large jaw muscles contribute to a more square face, whereas a feminine face is more oval or V-shaped.

What is Botox jaw reduction?

Jaw reduction with BOTOX is an office procedure, similar to other injectable treatments. Discomfort is brief during injections, with usually minimal, if any, downtime after treatment. Dr. Chaboki’s patients typically return to work the same day. Results with BOTOX develop gradually over several weeks as the masseter muscle shrinks in size. The face becomes thinner and more heart-shaped.

Jaw reduction with BOTOX or Dysport typically requires higher doses, as compared to wrinkle reduction. The masseter muscle is much larger than the muscles of the forehead and around the eyes. Patients who start jaw reduction may require 2 treatments within a few weeks apart to sufficiently shrink the muscle, then followed by another treatment several months afterward for maintenance.

The results of jaw reduction with BOTOX are temporary, and treatments must be repeated every few months in order to maintain desired aesthetic results. Patients with TMJ or muscle tension discomfort may feel symptoms relief with more frequent BOTOX treatments.

What are alternatives to BOTOX for facial sculpting?

Some patients may have an excessive amount of cheek fat, also known as buccal fat. Buccal fat is a distinct “ball” of fat in the middle part of the face. This deep facial fat, unlike the more superficial facial fat, does not really fluctuate with body weight changes. Gently sucking in one’s cheeks partially simulates results with buccal fat reduction. This surgical procedure normally takes less than an hour and is performed via local anesthesia and sedation. A small incision is made on the inside of the mouth and a conservative amount of this excess cheek fat is removed. Stitches dissolve over several days. Pain is minimal and recovery is generally pretty quick. Read more about cheek fat reduction.

What is the best facial sculpting treatment to slim the face?

Each facial plastic surgery treatment addresses different areas, and some patients may benefit from one or both procedures. Starting with nonsurgical BOTOX for jaw reduction is usually a good first option, as the potential risks and downtime are much lower as compared to buccal fat reduction surgery.

Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Contact the office to schedule a consultation.

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    • Houtan Chaboki, M.D. says:

      Thank you for reading our blog. Our office offers both Botox and Dysport for nonsurgical jaw reduction and slimming the face. Others who want to slim the face may be better candidates for buccal fat reduction. Office consultation can help determine appropriate options.

      Dr. Chaboki

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