Top 5 Plastic Surgery blog posts for 2016

Blog post - top plastic surgery blog post 2016

Blog post - top plastic surgery blog post 2016

We’ve seen a continued increase in popularity in a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, and people love reading about plastic surgery. From eyelid surgery to liquid facelift, patients want to know how to improve their appearance and be rejuvenated.

Below are the five most popular cosmetic surgery blog posts from 2016.

When can I kiss after lip injection?

A common question for patients who enhance their lips with fillers (ex. Juvederm®, Belotero®, etc). Typically, air kissing can be done immediately, while routine kissing should wait a few days after lip injection.


Recovery after Kybella® treatment of neck fat

Many patients want to learn about this new option in the best plastic surgery offices to reduce neck fat. Kybella is a non-surgical method to treat a double chin, alternatively called submental fullness.


Septoplasty can improve sinus symptoms, when performed with rhinoplasty

The nasal sinuses are bothersome to patients worldwide, with symptoms such as congestion and nasal blockage. Rhinoplasty can not only improve the appearance of the nose, but often can also improve the function of the nose, especially when combined with septoplasty.


Botox® brow lift – Lifting the eyebrow without cosmetic surgery

Botox is the most well known cosmetic surgery treatment and offered in the best plastic surgery offices. Patients already know that Botox can relax wrinkles, but it can also modify the eyebrow shape and position. For those who aren’t ready for brow lift surgery, then Botox can be an alternative option.


A normal smile after chin surgery with an implant

Chin augmentation with an implant is often performed with neck liposuction or a facelift for those with a double chin. In addition, chin implant surgery can be performed with rhinoplasty to improve facial proportions. Patients want to learn everything about chin implant surgery and interested in how it could possibly affect the smile.

Is there a plastic surgery topic you would like to learn more about in 2017? Share your thoughts below.

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