Softening Smile Lines with Facial Fillers

Blog post - before after smile line nasolabial fold filler liquid facelift Juvederm Belotero Restylane
Blog post - before after smile line nasolabial fold filler liquid facelift Juvederm Belotero Restylane

Nonsurgical liquid lift with facial filler injection for the smile lines. Before photograph, immediately after photograph, and 2 week after photograph treatment by Dr. Chaboki.

What are Facial Fillers?

Briefly, facial fillers allow a plastic surgeon to enhance one’s appearance without surgery. Fillers are soft gels injected into the skin and tissue to help augment areas that need volume. Facial fillers allow a surgeon to sculpt and contour the face for a rejuvenated appearance with less downtime as compared to surgery.

Some filler brands include Restylane®, Juvederm®, and Belotero®. Fillers are temporary, with results ranging from a few months to several years. Duration of results depend on many factors, including specific filler material and facial region that is treated.

We’ve reviewed nonsurgical cosmetic treatments with facial fillers previously. Read more in some of the examples below:

What are the Smile Lines?

The smile lines are the depressions around the mouth. These lines, also called the laugh lines, start around the nostrils and curve toward the corners of the mouth. Another set of smile lines are below the lower lip, on the sides of the chin. The smile lines may be referred to as the nasolabial fold and marionette lines by plastic surgeons.

Everyone has smile lines, even children. Smile lines deepen and become more visible with natural aging. Smile lines can also worsen as a result of factors such as smoking, sun damage, and sudden drastic weight loss.

What is Best treatment for Smile Lines?

Top plastic surgeons offer a variety of treatments to enhance one’s appearance and tailor cosmetic surgery to each patient. Some patients are not a facelift candidate or simply not ready for surgery. A customized treatment is based on several factors, ex. patient’s individual facial anatomy (i.e bone structure, fat volume, skin laxity). After an evaluation, a plastic surgeon can help you choose the best option that appropriate for you. Your plastic surgeon may recommend a filler or possibly another treatment, ex. fat transfer or a surgical lift.

The before and after photograph above show natural results by Dr. Chaboki. A nonsurgical liquid lift was performed with facial filler injection for the smile lines. Notice the patient had no bruising immediately after treatment. Read more about how to reduce swelling and bruising with filler treatment.

Dr. Chaboki is a board certified facial plastic surgeon. He specializes in cosmetic surgery at Potomac Plastic Surgery, offering surgical and nonsurgical treatments to patient who travel far to see him for his expertise. Contact the office to determine if facial filler injections are right for you.

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