“Lifting” the Cheeks with Fillers for Balanced Cheeks

Blog post - round cheeks filler injection enhancement
Blog post - round cheeks filler injection enhancement

Cheeks can be enhanced in a plastic surgery office with surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

The cheeks are common treatment areas for Washington DC patients in a plastic surgery office. Patients report various concerns to their plastic surgeon, such as flat or sagging cheeks, hollow eye, or dark circles. Or patients may report they look “tired”.

Full cheeks are considered by many to be a sign of health, and fortunately can be rejuvenated by multiple treatments. However, patients may be confused as to whether to get bigger cheeks or more balanced cheeks. Speaking with a plastic surgeon who focuses on the face can help determine appropriate options.

Smaller or flatter cheeks develop to various degrees naturally with age, as bone and fat loss occurs gradually. In addition, flat cheeks and dark circles are can be present from an early age too due to facial development. It’s not unusual to have patients in their 20’s visiting a cosmetic surgeon’s office to discuss flat cheeks and dark circles.

“Lifting” the Cheeks with Fillers

Facial filler injections are how plastic surgeons “lift” the cheeks without surgery. The filler material hyaluronic acid (i.e. Restylane®, Juvederm®, and Belotero®) is currently available in the plastic surgeon’s office, and new fillers continue to be developed. Every facial filler has certain advantages and disadvantages relative to other fillers. In addition, every plastic surgeon will have his/her own preference for the cheeks. Some may prefer one filler for a certain area, while another filler for a different facial area.

Blog post - round cheeks filler injection enhancement

Before cheek enhancement. Blue diagram shows approximate regional area of cheek enhancement, which involves broad area under the eyes. Treatment areas and results will vary. Some need a broad area of treatment, while some need specific areas such as under the eye or mid facial areas.

Cheek enhancement in the office only takes a few minutes to perform and has a short downtime. The filler plumps up the skin from beneath to augmenting facial features. The tissue is not lifted in the traditional sense, as compared to a plastic surgery cheek lift. Rather, the “lift” is from a more balanced the face and reducing shadows.

Patients may see an immediate results, but all fillers typically “settle” and integrate in a few days or weeks after injection. Patients may combine facial fillers with other liquid lift treatments, such as Botox®, for more complete facial enhancement.

Best Facial Filler for Cheek Enhancement

Top plastic surgeons will offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical, to enhance one’s appearance. A customized treatment is based on several factors including the patient’s individual cheek anatomy (i.e bone structure, fat volume, skin laxity) and personal preference. After a comprehensive evaluation, a plastic surgeon can help you choose the best option appropriate for you.

Your plastic surgeon may recommend other cheek treatments instead of filler, including fat transfer, cheek implant, or a surgical cheek lift.

Blog post - round cheeks filler injection enhancement

Before and after nonsurgical cheek augmentation with facial filler injections. She loves her enhanced appearance, but still looks herself. With every plastic surgery, treatment areas and results will vary.

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