Rhinoplasty Swelling: The First Days

Swelling after rhinoplasty is the most common question Maryland and Virginia rhinoplasty patients ask their cosmetic surgeon. It’s normal for the swelling or edema to last a long time after surgery. Most of the swelling resolves within the first few weeks, while some swelling may still be present after one year from surgery. Some are alarmed if the swelling or bruising initially gets worse a few hours or the next day after the procedure. Fortunately, it’s typical to initially get worse before it starts getting better. Somewhat similar to a work-out or exercise, some patients don’t feel sore the same day, but rather the next day after going to the gym.

In addition, Maryland or Virginia rhinoplasty patients may feel congestion, have nasal obstruction, or have some difficulty breathing through the nose immediately after rhinoplasty surgery. Most of these internal nasal symptoms will improve over the next several days. Sometimes your plastic surgeon will need to clean the inside of your nose to help improve this initial congestion.

An earlier post reviewed some methods to help reduce swelling after facial cosmetic surgery. Speak with your plastic surgeon or rhinoplasty specialist regarding any concerns regarding swelling after rhinoplasty.

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