Rhinoplasty: Does Cosmetic Surgery Affect the Upper Lip?


First, the tip of the nose, septum, and upper lip are connected intimately and affect one another. Modifying and reshaping the columella, nostrils, lower lateral cartilages, vestibule, caudal septum, and nasal muscles all contribute to the appearance of the upper lip. In fact, facial plastic surgeons leave the upper lip exposed during rhinoplasty to evaluate minor changes which may occur during cosmetic nasal surgery. The upper lip may feel tight or stiff after surgery, especially when smiling. The tip of the nose and lip area may feel numb too.

Second, the nose, especially the tip area and skin, continue to change following surgery. Most of the nasal swelling resolves within a month, with the final swelling taking at least 1 year.

Lastly, patients with a deviated nose may also have a deviated lip. Look at the philtrum, the central part of the upper lip, of anyone with a slanted or crooked nose. The philtrum portion of the lip is also deviated in patient with twisted noses.

Speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon to help explain how cosmetic surgery on the nose affects the upper lip.

Update: See how Botox Cosmetic may affect the nose when the upper lip pulls the tip down.

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