Rhinoplasty: Can I Avoid Surgery with Botox Cosmetic?

Botox is applied via a small needle to help relax muscles of the face. It is a quick, safe procedure in the office. Cosmetic results are temporary, only lasting a few months.

Big smiles may pull the tip of the nose down, causing a droop. If the tip of your nose bothers you only when you smile, then yes Botox Cosmetic is a possible alternative to rhinoplasty surgery. A single injection of Botox would be given to help relax the nasal muscles which affect the nose appearance.

However, Botox will not help with cartilage or bone reshaping. Excess or deviated cartilage or bone in the nose for from the nasal septum will not change with Botox Cosmetic. Rhinoplasty, with or without a septoplasty, is the only option for reshaping cartilage and bone.

Justifying rhinoplasty surgery is a personal decision, based on an informed decision and counseling from rhinoplasty surgeon. Although Botox Cosmetic has many uses, it is unable to replace cosmetic nose surgery.

Speak with a plastic surgeon for options regarding rhinoplasty.

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