4 Reasons to get Rhinoplasty Surgery

Before closed rhinoplasty surgery. This patient had several personal reasons to have nasal surgery, including nasal congestion and chronic sinusitis.

Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery of the nose, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures worldwide. A large part of this popularity is that due to the several possible reasons patients may have to undergo nasal surgery.

Nasal congestion

A major reason to have rhinoplasty surgery is when a person has chronic trouble breathing through the nose. A deviated septum, swollen turbinates, and collapsed nostrils are the most common causes for chronic nasal congestion. Patients may then be mouth breathing and have snoring too. However, having a rhinoplasty procedure can improve the nasal passages. Some may take the opportunity to make cosmetic changes to their nose at the same time. Rhinoplasty can get a better functioning and looking nose too.


A disproportionate, prominent, bumpy, droopy, bulbous, or crooked nose are just some of the many aspects of the nose that patients report to their plastic surgeon. The nose, as a result of these characteristics, can then draw unnecessary attention. By getting rhinoplasty surgery, the nose can be reshaped to blend with the rest of the face. Some patients report a boost of confidence after rhinoplasty, as the nose can better compliment a person’s face.


The nose is predisposed to injury. It sticks of from the rest of the face, as a bumper receiving the first impact. Nature may have intended this anatomic feature to help protect more vital structures such as the eyes and brain.

No matter how hard people try, accidents and injuries are bound to happen. A simple trip and fall, walking into a door, or sports injury can break the nose. If a person has a closed reduction of a nasal fracture within the first few weeks of the accident happening, then future rhinoplasty surgery might be avoided. In some cases, broken nose repair and rhinoplasty may be required to repair damage after trauma.

Chronic Sinusitis

A deviated septum and chronic sinusitis can contribute to a variety of sinus symptoms, including snoring and breathing problems. Recurrent sinus infections and sinusitis can be due to a deviated septum. Many doctors can diagnose a deviated septum or chronic sinusitis on history and physical examination alone, but a CT scan may be requested as part of the evaluation. Rhinoplasty surgeons will then perform surgery as appropriate to reshape to the nose for a better appearing and functioning nose. This type of nasal surgery is sometime referred to as functional rhinoplasty.

Before and after closed rhinoplasty surgery. This patient had several personal reasons to have nasal surgery, including nasal congestion and chronic sinusitis.


Keep in mind, however, that rhinoplasty is a very personal decision. There may be other individual reasons to get rhinoplasty. Some may be candidates for nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Your plastic surgeon can help provide a professional opinion as to whether rhinoplasty surgery is “worth it”. Rhinoplasty, as with any plastic surgery, has risks. After consultation, the plastic surgeon may offer his/her reasons whether rhinoplasty is appropriate or not appropriate for each patient.

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