How much does Plastic Surgery cost?

Blog post - plastic surgery cost fee price cosmetic
Blog post - plastic surgery cost fee price cosmetic

The cost of plastic surgery has many factors.

With the new year, patients are seeking plastic surgery to look refreshed or are already thinking about their appearance for the spring and summer. Did you already read our New Year’s post on 7 things to know before having plastic surgery?

A common question cosmetic surgery patients often ask is “how much does plastic surgery cost?”. There isn’t a single answer, but patients can empower themselves with information to make an appropriate decision for themselves.

What is included in determining plastic surgery costs?

The cost of plastic surgery involves a variety of possible factors:

  • Surgeon fee – physician performs the procedure, surgical or non-surgical. Some plastic surgeons charge significantly more or less than their peers based on their expertise and specialization.
  • Facility fee – charges related to the office, hospital, operating room, etc. Procedures performed in an office are generally less expensive as compared to a hospital operating room.
  • Anesthesia fee – physician or nurse gives anesthesia (ex. IV sedation or general anesthesia). Plastic surgery requiring general anesthesia is often more expensive than procedures with local anesthesia.
  • Material costs – implants, grafts, supplies, etc. For example, saline breast implant is generally less expensive than a silicone breast implant.
  • Test costs – before or after procedure laboratory, radiology, or other testing fees. Many procedures do not require additional testing.

Keep in mind that additional unforeseen costs may also occur (e.g., secondary or revision surgery, hospital stay, postoperative testing, specialists’ consultation).

What are some other factors that affect plastic surgery cost?

Plastic surgery cost varies greatly around the world. Cost is always one of the first questions asked, especially for those first starting their plastic surgery journey. However, cost should be taken into consideration with many other factors when choosing your cosmetic surgeon, such as training, board certification, patient reviews, before/after photographs, and professional specialization.

While plastic surgery costs depend on several factors, it is dependent on the following:

  • Geographic region – New York plastic surgery is typically more expensive than rural Midwest
  • Complexity – Extensive or revision procedures may require more time, materials, or anesthesia than simple procedures isolated to specific areas.
  • Revision surgery – Revision surgery typically more expensive than primary surgery
  • Combination procedures – Efficiency generally reduces the costs of surgery. For example, combined fat transfer with a facelift in a single surgery is more cost-effective than performing each procedure separately.

Does insurance cover plastic surgery?

Portions of plastic surgery might be covered by your insurance provider. The majority of cosmetic surgery is elective, so insurance plans don’t usually cover it. However, there are exceptions and some plastic surgeons participate in insurance plans. Remember, plastic surgery covers a broad area of medicine which includes both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. If your procedure is medically indicated, some portion of the cost may be covered. For example, patients with nasal allergy symptoms, congestion, or chronic sinus problems may combine their sinus surgery with rhinoplasty.

What about plastic surgery consultation fees?

Consultation fees will also vary among plastic surgery offices. Some provide free consultations. However, the best cosmetic surgeons charge a nominal fee per consultation, ranging from approximately $50 to $500. These consultation fees are collected at the time of service and typically non-refundable, regardless of whether the patient proceeds with plastic surgery.

What else do I need to know about plastic surgery costs?

Price information is an estimation and individual pricing will vary. All prices are subject to change. Lastly, plastic surgery costs are non-refundable.

Only after a complete evaluation, discussing the specific procedure or procedures which interest you and determining the extent of the proposed surgery and surgery location, can a plastic surgeon be able to better determine how much your procedure may cost. Patients should have a reasonable idea before the consultation, and a more informed idea after the consultation.

The plastic surgery cost information throughout this website is an estimation of anticipated fees, which may include anticipated surgeon, anesthesia, facility, and material fees. Actual cost will vary.

Have further questions on the costs of plastic surgery? Contact the office now to schedule a consultation and learn more specific for you.

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