Facial Plastic Surgery in Men

Blog post - photos before after facial plastc surgery men eyes brow eyelid neck chin facelift liposuction

Women have always outnumbered men in the plastic surgeon’s office. An estimated 1 man comes to an aesthetic office (ie. dermatology, plastic surgery, med spa, etc) for every 9 women. Whether its a facelift, eyelid surgery, or Botox®, women simply seek to improve their facial appearance more frequently. This discrepancy between men and women, however, is changing as more and more men are visiting a plastic surgeon.

More Men Seeking Facial Plastic Surgery

This trend in aesthetic demand applies to all men. One reason is that all aspects of plastic surgery are seen much more frequently throughout television, print, and social media. With this explosion in exposure in plastic surgery results, celebrities going under the knife, and new techniques and trends, people have simply become more comfortable with the idea.

More men are taking the first step and scheduling a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon. – Houtan Chaboki, MD

In addition, as men are spending more time, effort, and money on designer clothes, personal style, and grooming, the next natural phase of self-improvement is improving facial appearance with plastic surgery. Men want to take the next step  with office cosmetic treatments or minor surgical procedures to enhance their facial appearance.

One of the main reasons for getting facial plastic surgery in the male population is to look the best for their age, similar to women. Men may not necessarily want to look younger, but rather appear fit, healthy, and vigorous. They may feel that their facial appearance falsely gives the impression of fatigue, concern, or just looking worn and beaten. Professional men, especially, want to appear full of vigor and energy.

Other than hair loss and nasal surgery (ie. rhinoplasty), male aesthetic facial procedures typically focus on two areas: eyes and chin/neck.


We spoke about UV damage from the sun in a previous blog post. Testosterone makes the skin more susceptible to UV damage. As a result, men will more likely appear relatively older as compared to same aged women. Forehead wrinkles and lines tend to start at an earlier age in men. Botox® and Dysport® smooth wrinkles in-between the eyebrows and forehead, and are popular, quick procedures for working professionals. Facial fillers (ex. Restylane®) can improve lower eyelid dark circles and eye bags without surgery for those who can’t take time off work for eyelid surgery or a brow lift.

For some men, eyelid or brow lift surgery may be a better option to remove excess skin, improve eye bags, or lift a drooping brow. Eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure with patients taking about one week off work for the initial recovery period.

Blog post - before after photos eye bag dark circle facial filler Restylane Juvederm

Nonsurgical lower eyelid rejuvenation for dark circle with facial filler by Dr. Chaboki

Blog post - photos before after facial plastc surgery men eyes brow eyelid neck chin facelift liposuction

Upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) for excess skin and eye bags by Dr. Chaboki

Blog post - lower eyelid bag dark circle facial filler blepharoplasty fat transfer

Lower eyelid surgery and fat transfer for eye bags by Dr. Chaboki

Chin and Neck

A defined jawline, chiseled chin, and strong jaw are masculine characteristics. Age alone will contribute to a double chin as excess fat develops under the chin and tissues become loose. However, some men may have always had a soft, weak, or ill-defined chin or neck even in youth. Read more about presdisposition for a double chin in previous blog post.

Facial plastic surgery is often required to contour the neck and chin. Chin augmentation with an implant and/or neck liposuction enhance the jawline. Older patients with loose skin or muscle will often choose a lower facelift or neck lift to create definition. Non-surgical injections of Kybella® will reduce neck fat and a double chin for appropriate patients who are unable to have surgery.

Blog post - photos before after facial plastc surgery men eyes brow eyelid neck chin facelift liposuction

Chin augmentation with silicone implant to enhance the neck and jawline by Dr. Chaboki

Blog post - before after male facelift neck lift photos

Lower facelift, neck lift, chin liposuction, and facial fat transfer by Dr. Chaboki

Consulting with a Facial Plastic Surgeon

Have you considered improving your appearance? One should look better, not different. Men, similar to women, want to look their best for their age. We focus on conservative changes in plastic surgery for natural results.

Request a consultation with Dr. Chaboki to determine what procedures may be appropriate for you.

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