Eye Rejuvenation in Men

Blog post - eye rejuvenation eyelid surgery men male eye bag

Upper eyelid surgery and filler injection in the under eye area by Dr. Chaboki, a Washington DC facial plastic surgeon.

Eye rejuvenation is a common request by men considering plastic surgery. Smooth skin, reduce eye bags and dark circles, and lifting a low brow are frequent goals. Plastic surgeons utilize both nonsurgical and surgical techniques to help male patients achieve their desired results.

Men’s Skin

Testosterone makes the skin more susceptible to UV damage. As a result, men may have relatively more wrinkles, as compared to same aged women. Forehead wrinkles and lines tend to start at an earlier age in men too. Lastly, men’s skin tends to be thicker and requires more treatment for the same effect.

Nonsurgical Eye Rejuvenation

Botox® and Dysport® smooth wrinkles in-between the eyebrows and forehead and are quick procedures for working professionals. Facial fillers such as Restylane® can improve lower eyelid dark circles and eye bags without surgery for those who can’t take time off work for eyelid surgery. Results with nonsurgical injections will vary based on several factors such as the specific material, treatment area, and amount injected.

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Upper Eye Surgery

Heavy, excess skin of the upper eyes develop gradually with age to varying degrees. Upper eyelid surgery, with or without a brow lift, can help one appear more rested and rejuvenated without necessarily looking different. Upper eyelid surgery reduces excess skin and fat to make eyes appear more open and less heavy. Brow lift can stabilize or lift the brow to reduce redundant tissue in the upper eye area.

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Lower Eye Surgery

Eye bags develop from a combination of factors. Excess fat forms in the eye area itself, while fat and bone loss occurs below in the mid facial and cheek area. The net effect is to make eye bags appear worse. Lower eyelid surgery primarily reduces the excess eye fat. Fat transfer adds the lost fat volume in the under eye area.

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Combination treatment

Blog post - eye rejuvenation eyelid surgery men male eye bag

Upper eyelid surgery and filler injection in the under eye area by Dr. Chaboki, a Washington DC facial plastic surgeon.

Eye rejuvenation often requires combination treatment, including surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Combining plastic surgery procedures has the advantages of one recovery time.

Eyelid or brow lift surgery may be a better option to remove excess skin, improve eye bags, or lift a drooping brow. Eye rejuvenation surgery is an outpatient procedure with patients taking about one week off work for the initial recovery period.

This gentleman asked Dr. Chaboki for eyelid rejuvenation. He previously tried nonsurgical treatments such as lasers, and was ready for more enhanced treatments for the eyes.

Consultation with Dr. Chaboki allowed review of possible surgical and nonsurgical options. He underwent upper eyelid surgery and Restylane® injections of the under eye area via awake, local anesthesia. He looks naturally refreshed after plastic surgery.

Dr. Chaboki is able to perform various cosmetic facial procedures with similar local anesthesia per patient request, such as a mini facelift. After photographs are a several weeks after eyelid surgery. His results are natural with eyes that are now more open and refreshed.

Consulting with a Facial Plastic Surgeon

Have you considered improving your appearance? One should look better, not different. Men, similar to women, want to look their best for their age.

We focus on conservative changes in plastic surgery for natural results. Dr. Chaboki may recommend upper and/or lower eyelid procedures for optimal results.

Request a consultation with Dr. Chaboki to determine what procedures would be appropriate for you.

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