Chin Augmentation : Implant Materials

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Many Washington DC area patients seek chin augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Some patients have always felt their chin was too small since childhood. Those who are considering rhinoplasty surgery may want better balance of the chin with the nose and face. Other patients with a “double chin” request a facelift or neck lift, but would better benefit with a chin implant instead to improve the jawline.

The materials used to augment the chin have changed over the years. Historically, animal bone and cartilage has been used. For example, Marilyn Monroe had a chin implant with bovine (cow) cartilage. However, modern plastic surgeons use two main types of solid material to enhance the chin: porous polyethylene (Medpor®) or silicone. Other facial surgeons use Mersilene mesh. Each material as its own advantages and disadvantages, but most cosmetic surgeons will use silicone implants.

Normally, a chin implant material is a solid block shaped and contoured to the lower jaw bone. Nowadays, dermatologists and plastic surgeons can also use facial fillers to enhance the chin, such as Radiesse or hyaluronic acid. Office injections are quick procedures with minimal downtime to augment the chin. Results are temporary and don’t provide the same 3D shape of a solid chin implant. However, chin enhancement in the office is an appropriate option for some patients.

Speak with your plastic surgeon when considering chin surgery and ask him/her their preferred implant material. Share your comments below.

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