Advanced Botox® injections in Cosmetic Surgery offices

Blog post - before after Botox glabella

Before and after Botox injection of the glabella, the area in between the eyebrow, to soften the “11s” and for a more relaxed appearance. This area is probably the most common treatment with wrinkle relaxers for both men and women.

Botox® has been reducing wrinkles around the eyes for years. The company behind Botox initially received US FDA approval for cosmetic application in the areas between eyebrows (i.e. 11’s) and the sides of the eyes (i.e Crow’s feet). The extensive advertising of these specific treatments have made Botox well known for these wrinkles.

Beyond these two areas, cosmetic surgeons have been safely using Botox and other similar wrinkles relaxers, such as Dysport® and Xeomin®, for a variety of cosmetic applications. The growth of nonsurgical facelift procedures have expanded the versatility of these wrinkle relaxers. It’s not just for wrinkles around eyes and forehead.

Facial Slimming

Blog post - before after Botox jaw reduction face neck

Before and after photograph of Botox jaw reduction to improve face and jawline.

Some patients may complain of a “fat” face, however, it’s not true fat for some but rather excessively strong or wide jaw muscles that contribute to excess volume. Large jaw muscles can be genetic or develop overtime from conditions such as TMJ and teeth grinding. Botox injections along the jawline by a plastic surgeon can thin the face for a more sculpted appearance, as well as reduce muscle tension or headaches.

Read more about this Botox facial sculpting procedure in our prior blog post.

Brow lift

Blog post - before after Botox brow lift wrinkle forehead eyes facial plastic surgery

Before and after Botox injection to soften wrinkles and elevated the eyebrow.

Eyebrows naturally fall with age and excess sun damage, while some patients may have a low brow from youth. Eyebrows that are relatively lower and flatter are considered more masculine, as compared to the more elevated or arched eyebrows of a feminine face. In addition, eyebrows that are too close together may give the appearance of being anxious, tense, or angry. Read more about Botox improving a resting angry face.

Any wrinkle relaxer can be used to help lift the brow to a certain degree. Specific applications of wrinkle relaxers can modify muscles that pull up or pull down the brow to have a net upward effect. An eyebrow may be then lifted and/or wrinkles relaxed. A Botox brow lift is not a replacement, however, for those with significant skin laxity who would be better candidates for a surgical brow lift procedure.

Neck Lift

A defined jawline is desired by many Washingtonians. Similar to a nonsurgical brow lift, a Nefertiti lift uses wrinkle relaxers such as Botox to relax the neck muscle in a specific manner to allow the remaining facial muscles to lift the neck tissue. The net effect is a lifted neck. A Botox neck lift is not a replacement for surgical neck lift or facelift for those with significant neck skin, muscle laxity, or fat.

For those with horizontal neck creases or vertical neck bands, Botox can also soften the wrinkles and smooth the skin.  Treatment takes a couple minutes and last about three months.

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Botox won’t make a bump go away, as rhinoplasty is primarily a surgical procedure to reshape nasal bone, cartilage, and skin. However, nonsurgical rhinoplasty with wrinkle relaxers can temporarily modify the nose by improving:

  • bunny lines, i.e. skin bunching at bridge of nose
  • a droopy tip that occurs when smiling
  • excess alar flare or widening of the nostrils when smiling

Read more about nonsurgical rhinoplasty in a previous blog post.

Lip Lift and Chin

Blog post - before after photos Botox chin mentalis

Before and after Botox injection in chin to relax dimples for smoother skin. This patient had prior chin surgery by another cosmetic surgeon and had chin dimpling from muscle strain.

Botox and wrinkles relaxers used carefully around the lips and chin can achieve certain desired results. Cosmetic application of these wrinkle relaxers that a dermatologist or plastic surgeon may treat include:

  • soften smoker’s lines or lipstick lines, i.e. soften lines around the mouth
  • lift the corners of the mouth, i.e. improve downturned smile
  • smooth skin dimples of the chin, i.e. peau d’orange
  • reduce excess gum show when smiling, i.e. gummy smile

Other Cosmetic uses of Botox

New applications of the wrinkles relaxers are continuously being investigated. Some cosmetic treatments already being performed in cosmetic surgery offices may include:

  • relax lower eyelid banana rolls, due muscle bunching up that may contribute to “puffy eyelid”
  • enhance hair growth
  • scar treatment
  • shrink large salivary glands, located in the upper neck or sides of the head
  • reduce excess sweating

Have you considered cosmetic facial procedures with nonsurgical treatments such as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin? The best plastic surgeons use these wrinkle relaxers to help improve one’s appearance in a variety of ways. Find an experienced injector to determine appropriate options. Share your questions and thoughts below.

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