Men want to look their best too

Blog post - male facial aesthetics chin implant liposuction
Blog post - male facial aesthetics chin implant liposuction

Neck liposuction, Chin implant

Women will always out number men when it comes to cosmetic facial procedures. An estimated 1 man comes to the dermatology or plastic surgery office for every 9 women. However, this proportion is changing as more men take their appearance more seriously. In addition to designer shoes and clothes, more and more men are spending time and effort on cosmetic treatments to enhance their facial appearance. This growth in the male aesthetic demand comes from men in all areas of life: young/old, gay/straight, married/single, CEO/intern, etc.

Other than hair, male facial cosmetic procedures typically have 3 main focus areas: nose, eyes, and neck.

Men may have a deviated nose or a bump, either from genetics or prior sports injury. In addition, nasal congestion or snoring may be present from a deviated septum. Rhinoplasty surgery can improve both the appearance and function of the nose. A man’s nose should remain generally bigger, as compared to a woman’s nose.

Blog post - male facial aesthetics rhinoplasty chin implant

Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant

Testosterone makes men’s skin more susceptible to UV damage. As a result, forehead wrinkles or dark circles may start at an earlier age as compared to women. Botox® smoothes wrinkles in-between the eyebrows and forehead, and are popular, quick procedures for working professionals. Facial fillers (ex. Restylane®) can improve lower eyelid dark circles and eye bags without surgery.

For some men, eyelid or brow lift surgery may be a better option to remove excess skin, improve dark circles and bags, and/or lift a drooping eyebrow. Eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure with patients taking about one week off work for the initial recovery period.

Blog post - male facial aesthetics eyelid surgery brow lift

Brow lift, Upper Eyelid Surgery

A defined neck and strong jaw is a masculine characteristic. Age alone will contribute a double chin. However, some men may have always had a soft chin or ill-defined neck even in youth.

Plastic surgery is often required to define the neck and improve a double chin, otherwise known as submental fullness. A chin implant and neck liposuction will improve the jawline. Older patients with loose skin or muscle will often choose a lower facelift or neck lift to improve the neck and jawline. Non-surgical injections of Kybella® will reduce neck fat and a double chin for appropriate patients.

More and more men are taking the next step and scheduling a consultation to discuss possible treatments. – Houtan Chaboki, MD

Have you considered improving your appearance? One should look better, not different. Men, similar to women, want to look their best for their age. Request a consultation to determine what procedures may be appropriate for you.

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