A facelift when your neck gives away your age

Blog post - facelift neck lift sagging skin chin implant
Blog post - facelift neck lift sagging skin chin implant

Facelift, neck lift, liposuction, and chin implant for an aging neck.

Most men and women want to look their best for their age. Some may want to look younger, but no one wants to look “old”. We previously discussed the multi-dimensional factors that contribute to facial aging of the eyes and face. Women can do many things to enhance their appearance without plastic surgery, such as makeup on the face, concealer under the eyes, hair dye, etc. Only men, however, can hide an aging neck with their beard.

Non-surgical treatments (ex. facial fillers and botulinum toxin) will smooth wrinkles and soften creases in the face. Unfortunately, there isn’t much one can do, short of surgery, to truly tighten the neck. The face can lie, but the neck tells the truth.

How about these energy based devices to “lift” the skin? Can’t they tighten the neck without surgery? Yes, and no. The energy based devices in many dermatology offices use a variety of methods (ultrasound, laser light, radio frequency, cold, etc) to tighten tissue. The problem, however, is that the results (if they occur) are generally subtle and develop gradually over time. Repeated treatments are required, so patients often have to wait several months before seeing any possible skin tightening results.

Skin laxity and sagging muscles of the neck are resistant to improvement with nonsurgical treatments. Plastic surgery is often required. – Houtan Chaboki, MD

Why not just go to a facial plastic surgeon? For one, patients can be appropriately anxious and have a natural fears of surgery. Will it look natural? When will I look myself? What about anesthesia? If I tighten up the neck, do I have to tighten up the rest of the face too?

Any plastic surgery procedure has variability based on factors such as the patient’s anatomy, recovery time, and personal preferences. Sagging tissue in the neck and jawline will require a facelift or neck lift for any significant, long-lasting improvement.

One can improve their eyes or face without surgery to hide their age, but the neck is resistant. Share your thoughts below.

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