Torn Ear Lobe: What can be done?

A common problem for many women are stretched, damaged, or torn earlobes. Since large earrings are so fashionable, plastic surgeons see many patients requesting aesthetic ear lobe improvement.

Earlobe injuries occur from various types of trauma — most commonly from wearing pierced earrings. In some cases, it’s a very elongated hole from the prolonged weight of heavy earrings. In other cases, there is a complete tear through the earlobe.

Cosmetic and reconstructive ear lobe problems can be repaired in a simple office procedure performed under local anesthesia that typically takes a few minutes. The incisions are usually closed with very small sutures and no bandage is needed — so you may return to work the same day. After a healing period of couple months, if you wish, your plastic surgeon may re-pierce your ear.

Various tape and adhesive devices are available that may help. These nonsurgical methods are a temporary solution for a chronic problem. For patients who have saggy, droopy, split, stretched, or torn ear lobes, plastic surgery is a great option. An ear lift surgery may also be performed, in combination with other facial plastic surgery.

Speak to you plastic surgeon on how to rejuvenate your ears with cosmetic surgery.

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