The Photo Gallery: Before and After Photographs in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery photo gallery before after results facelift eyelid surgery

Cosmetic surgery photo gallery before after results facelift eyelid surgery

The photo gallery of any cosmetic surgery’s practice website is the most popular area. Seeing before and after cosmetic surgery photographs is popular for a variety of reasons. Prospective patients want to see potential results with their eyelid or facelift surgery. Washington DC patients enjoy seeing others with rejuvenated necks and eyes and anticipate their own improvements with cosmetic procedures.

Plastic Surgery Photo Gallery

However, photographs alone could be an unreliable guide for considering surgery and should be taken with a grain of salt. Photos in our website are of actual patients who have been treated by us, but each patient is unique and results may vary.

In addition, plastic surgery photographs can may be misleading, due to variations in conditions such as lighting, patient position, camera angle, camera itself, makeup, facial expression, and timing after cosmetic surgery. For example, results a few days afterwards without makeup will appear different as compared to months or years after cosmetic surgery.

Lastly, look for the patient’s story when evaluating photographs. What concerned the patient? What procedure was performed and how was it performed? How was recovery?

Privacy is very important for us. Patients on our practice website are generally satisfied with their results and volunteer to share their images. Those who have body areas cropped, blurred, or blacked out still wanted to show their own results and have given written permission for the use.

Our results tend to show natural, subtle improvements. Keep in mind that dramatic changes on photographs may draw undesired attention. Subtle change promotes refreshed, while aggressive change in photographs may suggest “plastic surgery” to the casual observer.

Questions to Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

We spend a lot time with our Washington DC eyelid surgery and facelift patients. Better considerations before surgery, in addition to reviewing before and after photographs, is to think of the following:

  • what do I really want to achieve with cosmetic surgery? bigger, smaller, straighter, tighter, etc
  • do I want to look good now, in a few months, in a few years?
  • how important is subtle vs. dramatic change? What degree of improvement do I want?
  • how much recovery time do I have, days vs. weeks?
  • do I want to improve a specific area, or look overall refreshed?
  • am I reasonably comfortable with potential risks, including possible undesired results or revision procedure?
  • what options are available?

The consultation process may involve more than one office visit or phone call before one is ready for cosmetic surgery. The top facelift surgeons typically have multiple contacts with prospective surgical patients and plan a specific, tailored procedure for each of patient. Thinking about and planning cosmetic surgery, together with a facial plastic surgeon, is the important addition to any photo gallery.

Have you considered cosmetic surgery? The photo gallery is a good starting point in the journey before having cosmetic surgery. If you like the results you see in a cosmetic surgeon’s photo gallery, request a consultation to learn more about how cosmetic surgery can help you achieve your ideal appearance.

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