Sutures in Otoplasty Surgery

Plastic surgery for protruding ears, otoplasty, reshapes ear cartilage to a more natural shape and helps bring the ears closer to the head. While many children have the procedure done, some patients wait until adulthood to have this plastic surgery.Plastic surgeons generally utilize 2 types of sutures during otoplasty. An incision is placed behind the ear, and external sutures are placed on the skin at the end of the procedure for closure. These stitches on the skin dissolve gradually over days/weeks. Internal sutures are used to reshape the ear cartilage. Most cosmetic surgeons will use permanent sutures on the cartilage, to help maintain the desired ear shape long-term.While plastic surgeons will tailor cosmetic otoplasty to the specific needs of each patient, most surgeons will use these 2 types of sutures, external and internal. Tell us what you think in comments below.

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