Septoplasty: What is in my nose after surgery?

Septoplasty, deviated septum surgery, is one of the most common surgeries in the face and nose areas. A deviated septum is present in most patients, although some may not realize it.

Septoplasty is an outpatient and relatively simple procedure. Patients with severely deviated septums, revision septoplasty, prior facial trauma, prior nasal surgery or rhinoplasty, or history of cocaine use may have more complicated surgery and recovery period, as compared to a routine septoplasty.

Almost always there is enough natural internal nasal lining (skin or mucous membrane) that covers the septum. Many surgeons place silicone sheet inside the nose to temporarily support the septum in the healing period. This splint is usually removed within 2 weeks.

Most likely you are feeling normal crust, sutures or stitches, or a silicone splint. It is less likely you have an exposed septum or raw surface, even though it may feel like it. Small areas of exposed septum heal very well normally. Many surgeons ask patients to use ointments and saline nasal rinses during the healing period.

Always follow your postoperative surgery instructions and speak to you plastic surgeon if you have any concerns.

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