Septoplasty: No Nasal Packing?

Can I have deviated septum surgery without cotton nasal packing?

Yes, one does not absolutely need cotton nasal packing after septoplasty or deviated septum surgery.

Most plastic surgeons and otolaryngologist use cotton packing temporarily to help control natural bloody oozing following nasal surgery. This nasal discharge after surgery is the worst the first day, but often takes several days to resolve. Some surgeons may also use temporary silicone splint to help support the septum during the healing period.

You may have a little extra nasal mucous discharge or nose bleed after surgery, if packing is not used. The amount of discharge or bleeding largely depends on the surgery performed, patient anatomy, and degree of septal deviation.

Ultimately, the decision for nasal packing depends on the surgeon, patient, and extent of nasal or sinus surgery. Speak with your facial plastic surgeon. Let him/her know your concerns about packing.

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