Rhinoplasty: Nonsurgical with Injectable Filler

Be very careful with any cosmetic injections into the nose. The nose is very susceptible to discoloration, swelling, ischemia, pain, numbness, and other potential complications with inappropriate injections into the nose.

There isn’t an injectable filler on the market currently that is FDA approved for injection into the nose. Everything is being used off-label for non-surgical rhinoplasty. Fillers should never be placed into the tip of the nose. Complications usually occur at the nasal tip. Fillers should only placed in the bridge to help smooth contour irregularities and minor augmentation. Fillers which have been used for nonsurgical rhinoplasty include Radiesse and hyaluronic acids.

Depending on the anatomy of your nose and your aesthetic desires, I suggest first speaking with a rhinoplasty surgeon who can use computer imaging to simulate rhinoplasty. You’ll be able to visualize in real time what possibilities are available with rhinoplasty.

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