Rhinoplasty for Broken Nose: Septoplasty or Nose Job First?

Patients frequently have deviated noses, septal deviation, and nasal obstruction following nasal injuries. Trauma may be acute or immediate, but usually the injury occurred years ago. Most patients injure their nose from sports, fist fights, or minor falls.

Broken noses should be evaluated by a facial plastic surgeon soon after the injury. Swelling after injury last several weeks. Swelling occurs both on the outside and inside of the nose. Most swelling resolves within a month, but the last 10-20% of swelling a minimum of one year to resolve.

It may be too early to determine whether additional surgery, such as rhinoplasty is required for deviated nose. Most plastic surgeons fix the broken nose first, then perform a rhinoplasty at a later point. Nasal healing is better, and rhinoplasty results are generally more predictable when rhinoplasty is done separately from the acute trauma. Nasal injuries which involve a fractured septum are more severe than a typical broken nose. Generally, most plastic surgeons wait at minimum 6 months after injuries or surgery before contemplating another surgery.

Treatment varies, so speak with your facial plastic surgeon to evaluate your nasal injury, deviated septum, and broken nose.

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