Rhinoplasty Complications: Sinusitis

Complications may occur with any procedure, surgical or nonsurgical. Surgery on the nose or septum may result in sinusitis, inflammation of the nasal & sinus cavity. Symptoms may include nasal congestion, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, post nasal drip, facial pressure, and headaches.

A majority of the time this form of sinusitis is not a complication, but rather a side effect of performing any procedure on the nose. Operating on the nose, both rhinoplasty or septoplasty, will naturally result in inflammation. The typical symptoms of infectious sinusitis are usually indistinguishable from the normal postoperative healing following rhinoplasty. Patients may also have temporary nasal packing following surgery, which contributes to the symptoms of nasal congestion, discharge, and drip.

The solution to these common postoperative symptoms? Nasal saline washes or irrigation. This simple solution helps alleviate many of these symptoms. Saline is a natural method to help wash and clean the nose. Patients may create their own salt solution, or buy one from their local pharmacy.

Discuss the healing period for rhinoplasty with your plastic surgeon, and ask about saline irrigation to help treat the expected sinusitis.

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