Rhinoplasty: Can We Undo the Results?


Regardless of the exact rhinoplasty technique used initially, your nose may not look exactly as it did before the original surgery.

First, the nose continues to change naturally over time without any further surgery. Swelling subsides and skin tightens. The nose can loose some of the projection over the course of the year. Rhinoplasty results aren’t fully realized until waiting at least one year. If you are still unhappy with your nose after waiting an appropriate amount of time, then you may consider revision rhinoplasty.

There are so many variables for rhinoplasty. How was the rhinoplasty performed? Is there history of trauma or prior nasal or sinus surgery? Cartilage grafts used? Septoplasty done at same time? Thick or thin skin? Only after a comprehensive examination by a rhinoplasty surgeon in DC, can one be appropriately advised whether revision rhinoplasty is helpful.

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