Rhinoplasty: Bump on Bridge after Cosmetic Surgery

Bumps on the bridge of the nose after rhinoplasty are not uncommon. Early bumps and irregularities, which may last several months, are usually due to swelling of the nasal tissues (skin, muscle, and periosteum). Bumps that persist beyond a year may represent scar tissue or additional bone and/or cartilage that won’t go away on its own. Patients with very large bumps prior to rhinoplasty usually have the most swelling. Large nasal bumps or individuals with a history of traumatic facial injuries or a broken nose may require more than one operation to create a smooth, straight profile. Small bumps or irregularities that develop immediately after cosmetic nasal surgery usually resolve with time. Gentle pressure and massage may be appropriate. Pressure that is too forceful may shift and move the nasal bones and cartilage. Steroid injection under the skin may be required to help control swelling and edema.

Much less common causes of bumps on the nose immediately after cosmetic rhinoplastic surgery is a blood clot (hematoma) or infection. These are normally readily apparent and can treated by your surgeon in the office.

Speak to your rhinoplasty surgeon if you have concerns about swelling after nose job surgery.

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