Rhinoplasty: Augment Bridge of Nose

What is the best material to build the bridge of the nose?

There isn’t a best material. Your own tissue is usually a better material than synthetic implants (silicone, etc). Silicone implants in the nose are more likely to become infected and may extrude. Normally, cartilage such as ear, septal, or rib cartilage is used to augment the nasal bridge for rhinoplasty surgery.

Cartilage is available from many places in your body for nasal surgery. Each tissue has its own strengths and weaknesses. The exact material used is largely based on the plastic surgeon’s and the patients preference. Keep in mind that all tissue used in nasal surgery may warp, bend, or reabsorb to some degree.

Most rhinoplasty surgeons prefer to use septal cartilage. In Asian rhinoplasty patients, the septal cartilage may be thin or insufficient for nasal augmentation. As a result, many Asian rhinoplasty surgeries involve ear cartilage.

Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a rhinoplasty surgeon determine the most ideal material for you.

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