Rhinoplasty: Allergies affect Results?

I rub my nose a lot from allergies. Can this affect my rhinoplasty results?

Patients undergoing rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) should not be sneezing, rubbing, or wrinkling their nose after cosmetic surgery. Rhinitis, swelling of the internal nose, may be from allergies or irritants. Patients should have rhinitis controlled as much as possible before the elective, cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery. A combination of once daily nasal saline irrigation and nasal steroid spray should help reduce nasal irritation.

Another option is to have Botox cosmetic injected into the “bunny” lines of the nose. Botox will relax those nasal muscles, and may prevent negative alterations of your rhinoplasty results by rubbing the nose. Botox will not reduce the rhinitis though.

Speak with a cosmetic nasal specialist / otolaryngologist before your cosmetic facial surgery.

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